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March 7, 2017

iF DESIGN AWARD 2015: Award-winning ergologistics from item

item wins the iF DESIGN AWARD for the 15th time: The new material picking system won over 53 judges with its form and function. It…Continue Reading




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February 21, 2017

Training Workshops

Our training courses offer the ideal opportunity to explore the many different ways our products can be used and discover a whole range of practical…Continue Reading

February 7, 2017

Requirements for a Work Bench System : Accessible Work Station

In addition to ergonomic workstation design, the workstation will need to be adjusted especially careful with an eye to individual needs and deficits in the…Continue Reading

January 24, 2017

Requirements for a Work Bench System : Provision

We distinguish between provision of information, tools, and materials. All three factors need to be coordinated and aligned to the employee’s physical proportions and the…Continue Reading

January 10, 2017

Requirements for a Work Bench System : Intralogistics

The work bench system should accommodate the logistical flows of materials and goods within the business optimally. 1 The work bench system should be suitable…Continue Reading

December 27, 2016

Requirements for a Workbench System : Lighting

In addition to visual acuity, lighting also affects employees’ sense of well-being, performance capacity, and concentration (number of assembly errors and workplace accidents). The work…Continue Reading

December 13, 2016

Requirements for a Work Bench System : Power and Data Supply

Ensuring that the workstation is reliably connected to various electrical and other supply lines is an essential factor when it comes to a smooth workflow….Continue Reading

November 29, 2016

Requirements for a Work Bench System : Chair

A chair’s quality is a major factor in the well-being of the employee using it. A high-quality chair protects the back, since it is optimally…Continue Reading

November 15, 2016

Requirements for a Work Bench System : Work Bench

The requirements that apply to a work bench are first and foremost of a technical nature: The work bench has to be suitable for its…Continue Reading