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July 19, 2016

Ergonomics Pays : A Series On Lowering Costs in the Workplace : An Introduction

Throughout the following weeks, we will be sharing a series of articles on how Work Bench Ergonomics can have a positive impact on a company’s development, using the latest US Labor research data. It is important to recognize that ergonomics takes a holistic view of the work environment and aims to keep employees healthy, motivated, and efficient, so that they can help their company maximize its profitability.

Companies invest in new work bench systems for a variety of reasons. They may need to set up a new production environment or convert a made-to-order system into a mass-production line. Whatever the reason, the company has to find a work bench system that suits its needs and satisfies the relevant technical and economic requirements – and also offers as much room for further development as possible. This series sets out to show that investing in an ergonomic work bench system is beneficial for both workers and for business.