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September 6, 2016

Ergonomics Pays : A Series On Lowering Costs in the Workplace : Work Bench Systems as Building Kits

Demands of Lean Production

Many companies have employees moving between different work benches or alternating between different processes at one bench. These companies are typically faced with a long setup time and alternating personalized configurations.

Modular work bench systems have thus been developed to meet three key goals: keeping setup times as short as possible; ensuring reaching distances and reaction times stay short, even after a work bench has been changed; and delivering safe working practices.

By using an entirely compatible, modular building kit system, companies can make all sorts of modifications, adjustments, extensions and improvements quickly, easily and in harmony with the lean philosophy, thereby saving costs and relieving the strain on their workforce.

Each and every workstation built using a modular work bench system can be adjusted to the process that is being conducted at it and the personnel conducting the process. As a result, they satisfy every aspect of the high demands in lean production. When the products and personnel at a workstation are constantly changing, systems can be adapted quickly, safely and with little effort.

The key feature of ergonomic work bench systems is their high degree of versatility, and that in turn is a crucial element in a company that is striving to achieve a high standard of overall flexibility. Ergonomic modular work bench systems are fully compatible with the Kaizen and CIP philosophies.