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How We Set a Worldwide Standard

When item Industries was established in 1976 in Solingen, its initial areas of operation were the design and construction of customized machines and assembly equipment. From the very outset, item set itself a prime goal – to reduce the cost of building machines in our own company by rationalizing machining and assembly operations, and by standardizing components. This resulted directly in the item MB Building Kit System, a machine-building kit for labor-saving and cost cutting constructions of various kinds, from assembly work benches and facilities to automated production equipment.

In 2007 the American headquarters, item America LLC, was established when item decided to expand their distribution system in the United States and focus on gaining more distribution partners. Today item’s goal of expanding it’s distribution system in America has been realized, with distribution partners established throughout the country.

Over the years, item has been leading the market for modular building kit systems. The standard values which item defined, for example modular dimensions and system grooves, are now accepted worldwide and used as an industry standard. By constantly developing the MB Building Kit System and its range of products, we are ensuring that item will maintain its technological lead in the years ahead.

The values item defined are now accepted worldwide as an industry standard.

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item West — Representing a Worldwide Brand Locally

item West is the exclusive representative of item products and services in 10 western states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Rocky Mountains, and from the Seattle Space Needle to the Painted Desert, we are the west. In the west we have the best. The best skiing, biking, mountain climbing, surfing, boarding, hiking, boating, and star gazing!

Our customers build cars, airplanes, semi-conductors, Hollywood sets, medical devices, agriculture products, robotics, and a whole spectrum of manufacturing concerns.

Like our customers, we too are born and raised in the territory we serve. We know the territory.

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Our team of item professionals span ten states. That means there is always a qualified and knowledgeable item West team member in your area to help you quickly and efficiently. From our energetic sales team, our skillful engineers, to our experienced installers — we pride ourself on our attention to detail and ability to help our partners every step of the way.


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