Benefits of Extruded Aluminum


What is Extruded Aluminum?

Aluminum is used extensively in the modern world, and the uses of the metal are extremely diverse due to its many unusual combinations of properties. No other metallic element can be used in so many ways across such a variety of domains, like in the home, in transport, on land, sea and air, and in industry and commerce.

Key Differences Between Aluminum and Steel


  • Reusable, easy to expand, adjust and modify by flexible item components
  • Easy to assemble of the prefabricated item parts — item ensures high tolerances down to 1/10 mm
  • Labor-saving and cost-cutting — no special tool (like welding sets) needed for assembly
  • Naturally generates a protective oxide coating, no painting is necessary
  • Has good thermal conductivity
  • Retains its great hardness under load, even at low temperatures
  • Easy to clean due to the strength of the anodic coating on-toxic
  • An economic way to recycle the material— only about 5 percent of the energy required to produce the initial primary metal is needed


  • Must be welded by specialists
  • Must prevent weld splatter
  • Protective equipment required
  • Machine for mounting and sawing required
  • No corrosion resistance — material has to be painted
  • High transport weight
  • Complex cleaning of steel surfaces — risk of rust film
  • Steel material is often unnecessarily oversized for applications and constructions


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