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December 30, 2015

It’s Showtime! Let item West help design your next trade show booth.

On any given day of the year companies are setting up elaborate exhibitions to showcase their products or services. Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, LA, and just about all the major cities host trade shows. And it’s also true that most people who walk the long aisles of countless display booths are rarely aware of the work behind their creation.

Yes, behind all the beautiful graphics and lights there is a well-designed structure.

And you can bet that all structures have a skeleton of aluminum. Why? Because aluminum extrusion provides the strongest, lightest, and easiest to transport frame systems.

What makes item exhibition frames so popular? For one thing, item aluminum building systems are easy to assemble. This is due to our patented quick connect systems. Likewise, item’s ability to expand, adjust, and modify the booth design is a snap due to item’s flexible components.

Finally, item aluminum extrusion systems are easily configured into completely different booth designs. This saves a great deal of money over systems that must be discarded and repurchased when marketing changes the look of the booth.


Call item West today for help in designing your trade show display!