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January 10, 2017

Requirements for a Work Bench System : Intralogistics

The work bench system should accommodate the logistical flows of materials and goods within the business optimally.


The work bench system should be suitable for all organizational forms of manual production, which also makes it possible to interlink workstations together. Example: A product is assembled individually. Because higher unit quantities are required, the company management decides to shift to assembly line production to increase cost-effectiveness. The work bench system should, first, have all of the necessary components for this move and, second, be able to be reconfigured so that the same workstation furnishings used for individual assembly can continue to be used. Reconfiguring should not be a makeshift or stopgap solution, meaning that the redesigned workstations should still be ergonomic in their design.


In addition to conventional fixtures used to interlink workstations together (such as roller conveyors), versatile and adjustable transportation carts should also be available for the work bench system.


A return feed for empty workpiece carriers should be part of the design as needed.


Transfer gates that can be adjusted to the workpiece carriers make it possible to lock materials securely for processing within the interlinked line of workstations.