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December 13, 2016

Requirements for a Work Bench System : Power and Data Supply

Ensuring that the workstation is reliably connected to various electrical and other supply lines is an essential factor when it comes to a smooth workflow. Along with general connections to the local electrical grid via power strips, data cables, communication lines, compressed air lines also need to be installed. A generously dimensioned cable duct offers a secure, tidy place for electrical components and extra cables.

It should be possible to ensure that the workstation and its components are connected with a neat and tidy look. These features should also be implemented with a general eye to occupational safety and health.

Power and Data Supply


An easy-to-install power supply with various connections that can be placed in varying positions is required. It must also be possible to add USB, network, and phone connections


The workstation should be able to be equipped with a compressed air supply that can be placed in various positions.


The work bench system should offer the option of securing all cables and other lines in place so that they do not get in the way, but are still easily accessible in case additional lines are needed.


For height-adjustable electric work benches, flexible cable routing must be ensured. This minimizes the risk of accidents and equipment failures.


It is often advisable to secure every workstation separately with a residual current device. This enhances user safety and offers protection from wider-ranging equipment failures in the event of a fault.


Power and Data Supply