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Built with Flexibility in Mind

Component transportation is a breeze with the wide variety of material handling carts available from item West. We have over 300 aluminum extrusion profiles for framing and thousands of components to select the best design for each application.

Just send us a drawing of the proposed cart and we will build the BOM for you, or we can recommend a variety of in-house designs. Finally, we can custom design solutions to meet your specific requirements.

The best material handling carts are extremely flexible. That’s why there’s item SystemMobiles. These material handling carts combine a lightweight solution with exceptional carrying capacity and an optimized chassis. They are the ideal solution for getting material and work pieces where they are needed fast. The customizable design principles of these transport trolleys mean they can be adapted to all working processes, thereby helping to improve the speed and flexibility of production systems.

Their outstanding versatility and a wide range of frame sizes and heights make SystemMobiles L, T and U the perfect partners for all transport tasks. The three design variants have been developed to provide the optimum solution for a range of different applications.



Whether you are just exploring the options or ready to build a solution, we’re here to help you every step of the way!

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Additional Solutions


The Possibilities are Endless

item West creates specific solutions in a wide variety of areas, such as linear actuators, machine bases, frames, material handling, work benches, safety guarding, and special applications. See examples below.


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