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Modular and Ergonomic
Work Bench Systems

item is the solution for ergonomic work bench systems that are modular in design, and capable of working with very heavy loads. The work bench system from item makes all aspects of work bench design simple and intuitive. Five pre-configured work bench variants are available, each of which can be easily adapted to meet your own specific requirements. Uprights and overhangs help to transform these infinitely height-adjustable tables into fully-fledged assembly workstations or complete work benches. A wide range of ingenious accessories designed to complement production operations help create ESD-safe assembly line work benches with systems for providing and stowing materials and tools.

Ergonomics —
The Perfect Measure of Things

At item, we don’t see ergonomics at the work bench as an end in itself, but rather as the basis for sustainable high productivity and motivation. A working environment that has been designed according to ergonomic principles delivers a whole range of benefits:

  • It protects the physical health of personnel and their capacity to work
  • It reduces error rates by enabling fatigue-free working practices
  • It improves throughput by eliminating unnecessary and uncomfortable movements
  • It lowers costs by speeding up goods flows

Work bench systems from item satisfy two crucial requirements that have been highlighted by research into ergonomics. First, they can be easily adjusted to suit different users. Because people come in different sizes and some are stronger than others, it is important that reaching distances and seating positions can be adapted to suit a range of physical characteristics. Secondly, different activities demand different types of support from work equipment.

Thanks to flexible configuration options, a large number of accessories and ingenious details such as inclinable parts containers, our solutions enable users to create customized systems for the widest range of applications. Whatever your requirements – whether office workstations, mobile workshop carriages, or interlinked production islands – work bench systems from item are the perfect solution.



Whether you are just exploring the options or ready to build a solution, we’re here to help you every step of the way!

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item West creates specific solutions in a wide variety of areas, such as linear actuators, machine bases, frames, material handling, work benches, safety guarding, and special applications. See examples below.


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