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May 30, 2017

Stairways and Platforms: Stairways – Guard-rails

Even more safety

All open sides on the flights, landings, platforms, and openings of stairways must be secured with guard-rails. Specific regulations are set out in EN ISO 14122-3, starting from Point 7.

The height of the guard-rail for a stairway must be between 900 and 1,100 mm – on average 1,000 mm – above the front edge of all steps as measured in a plumb-vertical line.


Furthermore, the guard-rail on a stairway must be fitted with at least one knee-rail. The clearance between the hand-rail and knee-rail and between the knee-rail and pitch line must not exceed 500 mm.

Guard-rails for stepladders

In the case of stepladders, the gap between a guard-rail and a step can vary depending on the pitch of the stepladder.

The guard-rail should start at a height of at least 1,000 mm as measured in a plumb-vertical line from the starting floor level.

Pitch 𝝰 Spacing x [mm]
60º 250
65º 200
70º 150
75º 100
Standard DIN EN ISO 14122-3
Designation Permanent means of access to machinery – Part 3: Stairs, stepladders, and guard-rails
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