Why West?

item West is the exclusive representative of item products and services in 10 western states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

We are the west!
From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Rocky Mountains, and from the Seattle Space Needle to the Painted Desert, we are the west. In the west we have the best. The best skiing, biking, mountain climbing, surfing, boarding, hiking, boating, and star gazing!

Our partners build cars, airplanes, semi-conductors, Hollywood sets, medical devices, agriculture products, robotics, and a whole spectrum of manufacturing concerns.

Like our partners, we too are born and raised in the territory we serve. We know the territory. let’s talk

Geographic Advantages

There are specific partner advantages to item’s strategic geographic placement of distributors worldwide. The two key ways item West better serves our partners in the western states region are…



Our facilities and warehouses are in close proximity to our partners wherever they are located in the western region. This proximity advantage leads to lower costs that are passed on to you.



We pride ourselves in being accessible to our partners from conception to completion. We feel there is understated value in doing that whenever possible. Being close in proximity allows us to build long lasting relationships and support you in your needs long term. Quick turn around times, local faces, building up our own communities.

Regional Contacts


We’re here for you.

Having exclusive representatives near you means we are quickly and readily available! Find the item West contact nearest you from the list below. Reach any location by calling 844-828-WEST, or email us directly using the links below.


Reach any location by
calling one easy number!


Not your region?

The item family of companies in the United States are placed in strategic locations to better serve our customers.

If your business is not in the west, please locate the company that is to nearest your facility.
Find a Distributor in your area.


Call us at 844-828-WEST

or send us an email to sales@item-west.com. If you prefer we get back to you regarding a specific question, please fill out the form below.